torsdag 18 juli 2024
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Kristofer Cook, CEO of Carbiotix

Om Carbiotix

Carbiotix is an award-winning biotechnology company pioneering microbiome healthcare through a portfolio of microbiome modulators covering prebiotic ingredients, medical foods and therapeutics, along-side a range of cost-effective gut health testing services.

Carbiotix mission is to increase the consumption of prebiotics in people’s diets, by: 1) manufacturing the lowest cost and most effective prebiotic possible, 2) selling this prebiotic through as many forms and channels as possible, and 3) providing the lowest cost consumer gut health test possible. Carbiotix B2B consumer gut health testing service is called LinkGut and its prebiotic is called AXOS.

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In depth information about the industry

Carbiotix products and services aim to improve the gut health or microbiome of people (the 30 trillion bacteria in the gut). Gut health has been shown to have an impact on immune system integrity, cholesterol and blood sugar management, and the risk of developing a wide range of metabolic and chronic diseases. Poor gut health is defined by a condition known as dysbiosis, or an imbalance of good vs. bad host probiotic bacteria. Prebiotics are indigestible carbohydrates or food for host probiotic bacteria in the gut. When prebiotics are consumed, “good” bacteria grow as a result. These “good” bacteria through a process known as carbohydrate fermentation produce beneficial metabolites or Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA’s). When too few prebiotics are consumed, a process known as protein fermentation is enhanced and toxic metabolites are produced which enhance the dysbiosis or an imbalance in the gut. Some people consume industrially manufactured probiotics as a means to introduce “good” bacteria in the gut and treat the symptoms of dysbiosis. Carbiotix is bringing to market prebiotic modulators based on AXOS that include ingredients, medical foods and therapeutics. Carbiotix gut health testing services serve to assess the gut health of people and to validate the efficacy of its modulators.

Carbiotix business

Carbiotix is targeting four different markets with its products and services. The market for prebiotic ingredients is valued at over of 5 Billion Euros globally with a CAGR of 10%. Carbiotix AXOS prebiotic can be produced from corn bran for food & beverage and nutraceutical applications. AXOS is up to 10x better in terms of its bifidogenic effect and production of SCFA’s. The market for medical foods is valued at over 15 Billion Euros globally with a CAGR of over 10%. Carbiotix will sell a pure form of its AXOS ingredient for medical food co-intervention applications across multiple disease areas. The market for microbiome therapeutics is valued at over 100M Euros today however is growing at a CAGR of roughly 60%. Carbiotix will bring to market unique symbiotic formulations consisting of its AXOS medical food and probiotics to be used as a co-treatment with other therapeutics across multiple disease areas. The market for microbiome consumer diagnostics is also valued at 100M Euros today with a CAGR of over 10%. Carbiotix B2B consumer diagnostic service is the lowest cost, most reliable and flexible gut health on the market today and is sold exclusively as a API white label solution.

Carbiotix in three years

Carbiotix is laying the groundwork to become a leader in the B2B microbiome health industry. By offering the most competitive gut health diagnostic test on the market today, Carbiotix aims to be in three years the leading service provider for companies interested in offering their own test. Also within three years, the company is aiming to complete the regulatory approvals required to allow the sale of AXOS as both a food ingredient and medical food in the US and EU. Achieving this will set the stage for an aggressive scale-up of activities across all product and service areas.


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