tisdag 30 november 2021
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Om Photocat

Photocat is a Danish green tech company founded in 2009. We produce photocatalytic fluids for building materials and asphalt, which reduces harmful matters caused by air pollution. Our partners are municipalities, architects, and manufacturers of bitumen, concrete, asphalt, and hardwood floors. Photocat’s products and solutions are effective worldwide and to date we have applied more than 4,4 million square meters and degraded more than 92 tons of harmful matters. Photocat headquarter and R&D is in Denmark and have local representatives in Norway, Germany, Spain, and Mexico.

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More about Photocat

Photocat cleans the air we breathe!

Our technology provides a cleaner air environment by reducing pollution in cities or other places where poor air quality threatens the population. Societies all over the world spend enormous amounts on health costs due to respiratory illnesses and early deaths. Photocat’s photocatalytic solutions help reduce these societal challenges by continuous innovation and pushing boundaries.

To degrade NOx and other harmful matters, all that’s needed is sunlight. Our solutions are simple and easy to implement. For example, they can be used for treating the city surfaces with the product “NOxOFF” – a TiO2 based photocatalysis – onto concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces where the pollution occurs.

Photocatalytic Action

The photocatalytic process does the same as nature. However, Photocat can provide a solution that accelerates the action by using the sun’s natural resources. The initiation of Photocatalytic action is when the Titanium dioxide (TiO2) applied to a surface absorbs UV light. Once this occurs, Hydroxide (OH*) is produced, which acts as a strong oxidizing agent.

The Hydroxide will surround and destroy the dangerous air pollutants and organics: Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), VOCs (such as formaldehyde and benzene), other organics (such as E.coli., S.aureus, K.pneumonia, algae, and more). These harmful pollutants and bacteria are then disintegrated and turned into nitrate (NO3−), water (H2O), and carbon dioxide (CO2) and released into the surroundings without harming.

The proprietary solution and application method designed and developed by Photocat allows for a highly effective degradation process through a transparent application. Transparency is an essential aspect of our product innovation because it enables more surface materials to become photocatalytic without any cosmetic disadvantages.

Photocat’s photocatalytic technology supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the joint effort with our customers and partners aligns with The UN SDG 3 &11 with particular attention to air quality. We implement our products in various projects- and surface types which range from company parking areas and roads to harbour infrastructure.

We have a close co-operation with our customers to ensure that we find the optimal photocatalytic solution for their project needs.


Photocat enters 2021 with a strong customer portfolio and has a major launch of new important data in the second half of 2021. We have provided documentation that our solutions contributed vastly to the green transition and should be expected to grow strongly in the coming future.

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